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Book of Characters. My Life written for the Class-Book 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS. notebook


Duplicated, in part, in the appendix to T. A. Goudge's The Thought of C. S. Peirce and, in part, in the introduction to P. P. Wiener's edited anthology of CSP's writings, Valves in a Universe of Chance. Both Goudge and Wiener reprinted CSP's entry in the Harvard Class-Book of 1859, written at the time of his graduation. In the "Book of Characters" we have in addition CSP's entries for the years 1859-61: "Wondered what I would do in life --- Appointed Aid on the Coast Survey" (1859) "Came back from Louisiana and took a Prostorship in Harvard. Studied Natural History and Natural Philosophy" (1860) "No longer wondered what I would do in life but defined my object" (1861). Only the first 3 pp. are autobiographical. The balance of the notebook is given over to a financial record, covering a period of four months, most likely for the year 1863.

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1860-09-10 (on first page) but parts of note-book are of a later date

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