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[Partially identified and partially dated fragments of review drafts] 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


On confidence in ancient testimony (1 p.), on metrics, with an introduction by J. M. Allen (1 p.) on a book by Burn (1 p.) on the mercator projection and Dr. Craig (1 p.) "Notes on the Ferdinand Bellows Papers" (1 p.) on D. K. Clark's Mechanical Engineer's Pocket Book (1th edition) and Harrison's Mechanical Engineer's Reference Book (1 p.) on Mervin O'Gormon's Motor Pocket Book (1 p.) on a poem attributed to Poe (7 pp.) on Dr. Cushman (Herbert Ernest Cushman?) (1 p.) on Nisard (a translation) (1 p.) on New-comb (reference to a volume of 1909) (8 pp.) on the Walpole letters [N-1894-3?] (2 pp.). Also the following identifiable items from The Nation: Draft of a review of Albert Stickney's Organized Democracy, 85 (12 Sept. 1907) 229 (1 p.) Draft of a review of Josiah Royce's, Joseph Le Conte's, G. H. Howison's, and Sidney E. Mezes' The Conception of God 65 (30 Dec. 1897) 524-527 [sup(2)N-1897-6] (1 p.) Draft of a review of Mabel Loomis Todd's Total Eclipses of the Sun 58 (3 May 1894) 335 [sup(2)N-1894-9.5] (1 p.) sup(1)N-1895-3 (1 p.) Draft of a review of Simon Newcomb's Side-Lights on Astronomy and Kindred Fields of Popular Science 83 (20 Dec. 1906) 544-545 (8 pp.) [sup(2)N-1906-11].

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graphics , metrical (metrics), skew mercator (Map), Negation, Reviews CSP's principally for The Nation, Royce Josiah


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