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[Adirondack Summer School Lectures] 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS. two notebooks


Notebook I (pp. 1-48) published, in part, as 1.284 (pp. 35-36). Unpublished: the classification of both men and the sciences in terms of prattospude (discovery for the sake of doing), taxospude (discovery for the sake of applying knowledge), heurospude (discovery for the sake of discovery). The three divisions of heurospude or pure science become mathematics, philosophy, and idioscopy. The dependence of the special sciences on philosophy: CSP's disagreement with the empirical philosophers, e.g., Comte and his followers, who make philosophy dependent upon the special sciences. The principles of common sense are indubitable it is impossible to be consistently dissatisfied with them. The normative sciences. Esthetics, or axiagastics, treats of the ultimate aim, or the sammum bonum. The relationship of ethics to esthetics. Ethics as the science of self-control has the double task of describing the operation of self-control (but not in psychological terms) and determining the conditions to which conduct must conform in order to be right. The second of the two tasks belongs to critical ethics which is distinguished from casuistry by reason of its avoidance of specific cases. Logic as an application of ethics to the realm of thought and as a science of signs. Logic is more than the theory of the relation of symbols to their object it stands as the general theory of signs of all kinds. Notebook II (pp. 49-59): doctrine of signs (continued). The branches of logic: stecheology, logical critic, and methodeutic. Tritocenoscopy and taxospude.

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Adirondack Summer School Lectures, Axiagastics, Casuistry (see also Ethics), Common sense (see also Critical commonsensism), Comte Auguste, logical Critic, Esthetics, Ethics, Heurospude, Idioscopy, Logic (modal see Modality), Mathematics, Normative science (see also Esthetics Ethics Logic), Adirondack Summer School Lectures, Philosophy, American division of heurospude, Prattospude, classification of Science, Selfcontrol, theory of Sign(s) (see also Icon Index Symbol), Stecheology (see also Speculative grammar), Summum bonum, Taxospude, Tritocenoscopy







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