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Questions on Reality 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


The earlier draft of 2 pp. is an outline draft of G-1868-2a. Twelve questions asked and answered dogmatically. The questions are concerned with the possibility of ultimate cognitions immediate self-consciousness knowledge of the external world truth and the agreement of logical conclusion with information contradiction as not always signifying falsity matter as not necessary to reality thought and signs the meaning of the "unknowable." The later draft concerns the proper method for determining how we think self-evidentness and self-consciousness the perceived and the imagined our knowledge of the external world thinking and signs signs of the unknowable. Is there any cognition which is absolutely incapable of being known? Have we any intuitions? Some of the questions raised in the earlier draft are raised again and this time answered less dogmatically.

general index

Cognition (see also Belief Conception Thought), Imagination, Information (see also Predicate), Intuition, Logic (modal see Modality), Matter, Percept and Perception, Reality, Selfconsciousness, Selfevidence, Sign(s), Thinking, Thought, Truth, Unknowable, World external


48 pp., with 2 pp. of an earlier draft





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