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[Fragments from a Treatise on Metaphysics] 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


A table of contents and notes for Chapter II, "On the Insufficiency of Dialectics." Dogmatical, psychological, and logical dialectics. Examples of the necessity of diflection and ordination. Probability of error. Notes for another Chapter II, "Nature of the Perfect." Proof that there are elementary propositions and that every conception is of boundless complication. Several other titles are distinguishable of which the comprehensive title is: "Matter Preparatory to Metaphysical Meditation." Other titles are as follows: "Proper Domain of Metaphysics" (May 21, 1859) "New Names and Symbols for Kant's Categories" (May 21, 1859) "That There is No Need of Transcendentalism" (May 21, 1859) "That the Perfect is the great Subject of Metaphysics" (May 21, 1859) "Explanation of the Categories" (May 22, 1859) "Of the Stages of the Category of Modality or Chance" (May 22, 1859) "Metaphysics as a Study" (June 1859) "On the Definition of Metaphysics" (July 1859) "Comparison of our Knowledge of God and of other Substances" (July 25, 1859) "All unthought is thought of" (July 25, 1859) "Of Realism and Nominalism" (July 25, 1859) "Sir William Hamilton's Theory of the Infinite" (July 27, 1859) "That We can Understand the Definition of Infinity" (October 23, 1859) "Two Kinds of Thinking" (October 23, 1859) "The Nature of our Knowledge of the Infinite" (October 23, 1859) "Of Objects" (October 25, 1859) "Of Pantheism" (October 25, 1859) "Why We can Reason of the Infinite" (October 25, 1859) "That Infinity is an Unconscious Idea" (October 25, 1859) "The Fundamental Distinction of Metaphysics" (June 30, 1860) "Elucidation of the Essay, headed All unthought is thought of" (June 30, 1860) "The Keystone of this System" (July 1, 1860) "The Logical and the Psychological Treatment of Metaphysics" July 3, 1860) "The Infinite, the Type of the Perfect" (July 3, 1860) "The Orders of Mathematical Infinity" (July 13, 1860) "Summary" (December 16, 1860) "Domain of Metaphysics" (August 6, 1861) "Introductory to Metaphysics" (August 11, 1861).

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Kantian Categories (see also Firstness Secondness Thirdness), Conception and Concept, dogmatical Dialectics, logical Dialectics, psychological Dialectics, Diflection, Error, God, Hamilton Sir William, Infinity, Kant Immanuel and Kant studies (CSP's), Logic and metaphysics, Metaphysics and logic, Modality, Nominalism, Object, Ordination, Perfect the, Probability and Chance, Psychology and metaphysics, Realism, Thinking, Transcendentalism


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