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[First Four Chapters of a Treatise on Metaphysics] 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


The first three chapters constitute the "Introduction" and are as follows: Chapter I, "Domain, Basis, and Fabric of Metaphysical Thought" Chapter II, "The Insufficiency of Dialectics" (ground of dogmatical, psychological, and logical dialectics) Chapter III, "On the Uselessness of Transcendentalism." The next chapter, the first chapter of Book I, is entitled "Principles" and deals with man as the measure of all things. More generally, these chapters are concerned with metaphysics as the philosophy of primal truths that is, whose truths are the primary conditions of all science. Fundamental distinctions of metaphysics. Metaphysics, psychology, and religion. Truth and faith. Refutation of transcendentalism. Notes on the work of Kant, Hume, and Mansel. Idealism, materialism, realistic pantheism as representing the three worlds of mind, matter, and God. These worlds mutually exclude and include each other.

general index

dogmatical Dialectics, logical Dialectics, psychological Dialectics, Faculty meaning of Faith, God, Hume David, Idealism (see also Mind), Mansel Henry L., Materialism, Matter, Mind, idealistic Pantheism, realistic Pantheism, Psychology, Religion, Transcendentalism, Truth, primal Truth


48 pp.





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1861-08-21 (Preface)

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