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Private thoughts principally on the conducted life 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS. notebook


Thirty-nine pages, being a collection of aphorisms on such subjects as genius, love, solitude, worship, prayer, heaven, impudence and grace, passion and pleasure, freedom and causation, classification of the human faculties. Sample: "Best maxim in writing, perhaps, is really to love your reader for his own sake." These aphorisms were apparently transcribed by CSP from various other writings of his on several occasions. Entry number LXX, for instance, is dated 1866 Nov. 20, and reads: "What is not a question of a possible experience is not a question of fact." This seems to be a slight revision of an entry in the Logic Notebook (MS. 339), p. 11v also dated 1866 Nov. 20: "What is not a question of what can possibly be known is not a question of fact."

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Causation, Faculties, human, Free will, Genius, Grace, Heaven, Love, Passion, Pleasure, Prayer, Religion, Solitude, Worship







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