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An Essay on the Limits of Religious Thought written to prove that we can reason upon the nature of God 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


There are two dates on the verso of one of the pages: April 10, 1857 and January 11, 1861. The possibility of giving intelligible definitions of things which themselves can not be comprehended. Is the definition of "infinite" possible? The three necessary modes of dependency are community, causality, and influx. The three perfect degrees of modality are possibility, actuality, and necessity. All degree admits of one of three successive degrees: nullity, positivity, and perfection. All stages have one of three temporal expressions: retrogression, contemporaniety, or succession. The three intuitions of expression. The three total quantities of intuition and the three infinite qualities of quantity. Lastly, the three influxual dependencies of quality: negation, reality, infinity.

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Actuality (see also Existence Fact Secondness), Causality, Community, Contemporaneity, Definition of incomprehensible things, Degree, Dependency, Expression, intuitions of, Infinity, Influx, Intuition, Modality, Necessity, Negation, Nullity, Perfection, Positivity, Possibility, Quality (see also Feeling Firstness Possibility Predicate), Quantity, Reality, Religion, Retrogression, Succession


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