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[Sheets from a Notebook on Logic] 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


It is possible to distinguish the following: "On the Figures and Moods of Logic" (c.1860): induction as the middle road between a priori and a posteriori reasoning the figures of the different kinds of inferences (7 pp. of an early draft of a work on the Aristotelian syllogism). "Induction": Aristotle's views on induction objection to Hamilton's "logical" induction the denotation of subjects and the connotation of predicates (Sept. 1864, 2 pp.). "Consideration of the 3rd Argument in favor of the [quantification of the] predicate" (1867, 1 p.). "On the Conversion of Quantity" (c.1867, 2 pp.). "Further Arguments for a Quantified Predicate considered" (c.1867, 1 p.). "Analogy between Logic and Algebra" (c.1865, 1 p.). "Problem. To apply algebra to logic": a numerical interpretation of Boolean concepts, e.g., a + b = 2 S a and b are two facts (c.1866, 4 pp.). "Propositions of Disquiparance" (c.1866, 2 pp.). "Doctrine of Conversion" (C.1860, 4 pp.). "Quality is the only Quantity belonging to the Predicate": the distinction between extension and intension (c.1866, 2 pp. and 4 pp.). "Extension, Intension, etc." (c.1867, 8 pp.). "The Course of Expression": the concrete expression of an idea requires a mode of presentation (c.1867, 2 pp.). "Quantity of the Figures" (c.1867, 2 pp.). "Notation: Considerations of the Advantages of Sir W. H.'s Analytic intended to show that mine has the same" (c.1867, 4 pp.). "Associative Principle" (c.1867, 11 pp., of which seven are in the hand of Zina Fay Peirce). The remainder are fragments and include, among other topics, notes on the syllogism and on the relation of extension, intension, and information.

general index

A posteriori, A priori (see also Belief fixation of), Aristotelian logic, Aristotle, Boolean algebra, Connotation (see also Comprehension), Conversion, Denotation (see also Comprehension Connotation), Disquiparance, Expression, Extension logical, Hamilton Sir William, association of Ideas, Induction, Inference, Information (see also Predicate), Intension, Logic (modal see Modality), Notation (see also Nomenclature Terminology), Predicate, quantification of Predicate, Quality (see also Feeling Firstness Possibility Predicate), Quantity, Reasoning (probable see also Probability), Syllogism


75 pp.





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c. 1860/c. 1867

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