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Significs and Logic 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


Purpose: analysis of the relations between semeiotic (physiology of signs) and logic (theory of reasoning). Meaning of "argument." Doctrine of chances. Nominalism and realism. The meaning of the word "real." CSP refers to his review of Frazer's edition of Berkeley, in which he took the qualified realist position of Duns Scotus. Here CSP comes out for an unqualified version of realism. CSP regards himself as a disciple of Berkeley, although he is opposed to Berkeley's denial of matter as well as to his nominalism. The distinction between God's reality and God's existence. God's reality, apart from the question of God's existence, canont be doubted by anyone who meditates upon the question. Belief in God is a natural instinct. The nature of God: God is both intelligible and incomprehensible. All atheists are nominalists. Is nominalism consistent? Substance and accident. Indefiniteness: The indefinite is not subject to the principle of contradiction. Modal logic. Analogy between modes of being and modes of meaning. Biographical material: CSP writes of the conferences in Paris of leading geodesists, and he recalls an incident involving Sylvester.

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Accident, definition of Argument (see also Abduction Deduction Induction Inference Reasoning), Atheism, Berkeley George, Frazer's edition of, Contradiction principle of (see also Laws of thought), Duns Scotus, Frazer Alexander Campbell Berkeley, God, belief in, God, existence and reality of, God, nature of, Indefiniteness, Logic (modal see Modality), Logic and significs, Modality, Nominalism, Probability and Chance, doctrine of chances, meaning of Real, Realism, Reality of God, Reasoning (probable see also Probability), Semeiotics, Significs and logic, physiology of Sign(s), Substance, Sylvester James j.


pp. 1-24 25/26, plus 4 pp. (November 2-23)





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(Significs and Logic)

date (Robin)


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