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Syllabus of a course of Lectures at the Lowell Institute beginning 1903, Nov. 23. On Some Topics of Logic 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


A second version of the above title, "A Syllabus of Certain Topics of Logic," became the title of the pamphlet published by Alfred Mudge & Son, Boston, 1903. The pamphlet, however, is not an exact copy of the manuscript, several sections having been omitted. From the manuscript, pp. 1-26 and 137-149 were published in the pamphlet as pp. 1-14 and 15-20 respectively. Transformation rules for existential graphs are treated in an abridged form on pp. 20-23 of the pamphlet. For publication of the pamphlet in the Collected Papers, see G-1903-2b. Pages 43-46, 47-48, 48-50, and 50-89 published respectively as 2.274-277, 2.283-284, 2.292-294, and 2.309-331. Omitted from publication: sundry logical conceptions Peircean categories of Firstness, Secondness, Thirdness the possibility of certain kinds of separation of thought dissociation, precision, discrimination the categories in their forms of Firstness (phenomenology) the normative sciences and their interrelations the division of logic into speculative grammar, logical critic, and methodeutic (pp. 27-42). Arguments as symbols classification of arguments into deduction, induction, and abduction etymology of deduction (pp. 89-105).

general index

Abduction, logical Critic, definitory, etymology of, Discrimination, Dissociation, Firstness (see also Categories Feeling Monad Quality), Graphs existential, Induction, Logic (modal see Modality), Methodeutic (see also Iogic Normative science), Normative science (see also Esthetics Ethics Logic), Lowell Lectures, Phenomenology, Precision, Secondness (see also Categories Effort Reaction), Speculative grammar (see also Stecheology), Thirdness


pp. 1-168 (pp. 106-136 missing) a second title page pp. 2-23 of a revised section 69 pp. of variants and a corrected copy of the printed syllabus





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