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Detached Ideas continued and the Dispute between Nominalists and Realists 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


eircean categories of Firstness, Secondness, Thirdness. The system of graphs is a consequence of CSP's study of the categories. Logic of relatives and the notion of generality (universality). The continuum as the true universal. Kant on continua. The question of reality. The nominalist-realist controversy. The tendency to think of nature as syllogizing, even on the part of the mechanist. But nature also makes inductions and retroductions. Infinite variety of nature testifies to her originality (or power of retroduction). That continuity is real and the significance of this fact for a philosophy of life. CSP's extreme realism lies in his acceptance of the view "that every true universal, every continuum, is a living and conscious being." On page 28, there is a marginal note signed "WJ" (William James?): "This is too abrupt along here. Should be more mediated to the common mind."

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Continuum, Continuum and Kant, Firstness (see also Categories Feeling Monad Quality), Generality and universality, James William, Kant Immanuel and Kant studies (CSP's), Logic (modal see Modality), Nature originality and variety of see also Tychism, Nominalism, "Detached Ideas on Vitally Important Topics", Realism, extreme Realism, Reality, Retroductions (see also Abduction), Secondness (see also Categories Effort Reaction), Thirdness, Universality (generality)


pp. 1-35, with a variant p. 24





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