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Chapter III. The Simplest Mathematics 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


Some of the pages of this manuscript are dated page 4, for instance, is dated January 2, 1902. On postulates (footnote on the corruption of Euclid's text and the confusion between "axioms" and "postulates"). Principles of contradiction and of excluded middle. The development of Boole's logical algebra. Logical depth and breadth. Composition and aggregation: De Morgan and Jevons. Beginning with generals, logic requires notion of inference its primary aim is criticism of inference. Definition of an "individual." Confusion of collective identity with individual identity. Algebra of the copula of inclu-sion. The meaning of the mathematical "is." Algebraical consequence: constituents of a consequence standard and potential constituents proximates of a consequence. Scriptibility. The "vital" definitions of the algebra. Distinction between collective and distributive applicability of a disjunction to "v." The distinction between several and joint applicability to "v." Close and loose combinations and their denial. Definition of the generalized copula of inclusion in five clauses. Theorems and rules of the algebra. In the alternative sections: existential graphs (pp. 14-68) explanation of CSP's notation for Boolean algebra (pp. 35-45) algebra of the copula, formal definitions of "if," "and," "or," employed in defining and more on consequence (pp. 56-76)

general index

Aggregation, theorems of Algebra, Boolean algebra, Breadth, Composition, algebraical Consequences, Contradiction principle of (see also Laws of thought), Copula, algebra of, DeMorgan Augustus, Depth and breadth, Disjunction, Euclid, Excluded middle principle of (see also Laws of thought), individual and collective identity, Individual and Individuality (see also Index Subject), Inference, Jevons William Stanley, Logic (modal see Modality), Mathematics, simplest Mathematics, Minute Logic


pp. 2-108 (p. 9 is missing), with many rewritten sections





abbreviated title

(Logic III)

date (Robin)


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