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Chapter II. Prelogical Notions. Section I. Classification of the Sciences 

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Frederik Wellmann

type of material

A. MS.


A later draft of MS. 426. Published, in part, as 1.203-283 (pp. 1-123, with omissions), 7.374n10 (pp. 125-127), 7.279 (pp. 140-142), 7.362-363 and 7.366-385 (pp. 192-242). From the alternative drafts, pp. 190-192, 196-197, 271-273 were published as 7.364, 7.365, and 7.386-387 respectively. Omitted from publication are the following: notions of family, genus, species dynamics as a suborder of Nomological Physics statics theories of the constitution of matter and nature hydrodynamics dynamics of a particle and of rigid bodies subfamilies of rigid dynamics molar, molecular, and ethereal physics cross-classification subdivision of special nomological physiognosy crystallography "diagrammatic" history of astronomy minerology chemistry the natural metric system suborders of physiotaxy families of natural history genera of biology physiography physiognosy genera and species of astronomy geognosy. From alternative drafts, the following were omitted: the Genus language classifications of language races of mankind and the origin of the white race resemblances between Polynesian and Semitic languages the question of a common linguistic ancestor Basque agglutinative speech.

general index

history of, genera and species of, Basque, Biology genera of, Chemistry, Crystallography, Dynamics, Geognosy, Hydrodynamics, Language, agglutinative Language, comparative Language, Logic (modal see Modality), constitution of Matter, Metrology l (see also Coast Survey), Minerology, constitution of Nature, dynamics of Particle, Minute Logic, Physics (review of books on), Physiognosy, Physiography, Physiotaxy, Polynesian language, Races (of mankind), classification of Science, Statics


pp. 1-291, with nearly 200 pp. Of variants pp. 97-125, 190-192, 196-197, 244, 271-273 from alternative drafts.





abbreviated title

(Logic II)

date (Robin)

begun 1902-02-20

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