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[Fragments on the Fixation of Belief] 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


The following information was supplied by Professor Max H. Fisch: "Of the present contents of this folder, some sequences of pages on the rag paper with the watermark J. Whatman 1868 may be parts of the paper read to the Metaphysical Club in November 1872. Others are probably, indeed almost certainly, parts of The Logic of 1873. The two slightly longer sheets of rag paper contain two pages of a draft of 'The Fixation of Belief,' probably of 1876 or 1877. The sheets of wood pulp paper numbered 80, 81, 86, or at least pages 80 and 81, probably belong to some work of the 1890's in which Peirce went over the same ground again." In connection with the numbered pages, see MS. 1002. It is of some interest to note that the earlier name for the method of tenacity was "the method of obstinacy," and instead of "authority," CSP employed the word "despotism."

general index

fixation of Belief, Metaphysical Club (Cambridge), "The Fixation of Belief", Pragmatism and Pragmaticism


29 pp., plus 3 pp. (numbered 80, 81, 86) of notes and 2 pp. Of a draft of 5.362-363





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