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Lecture VI 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS. notebook


Perceptual judgments as involving generality and as being beyond the power of logic to criticize, as referring to singular objects, and as relating to continuous change (time, continuity, infinity). The nature of logical goodness and the end of argumentation. Logic and metaphysics. Pragmatism: the genealogy of a born pragmatist pragmatism and realism the ultimate meaning of a symbol. CSP's acceptance of the term "meaning" as a technical term of logic (as referring to the total intended interpretant of a symbol). The meaning of an argument and of a proposition (rhema) the meanings of such difficult abstractions as Pure Being, Quality, Relation. Definitions, it is stated, should be "in terms of the conceptions of everyday life." CSP raises one possible objection to his formulation of the maxim of pragmatism, and ends this draft with some disparaging remarks about the state of logical studies at Harvard. The objection raised is this: If meaning consists in doing (or the intention to do), is there not a conflict with the view (to which CSP subscribes) that the meaning of an argument is its conclusion, since a conclusion is an intellectual phenomenon different from doing and presumably without relation to it?

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Argument, pure Being, Continuity, Definition, Generality, Harvard, Infinity, Logic (modal see Modality), Meaning, Metaphysics, Harvard Lectures on Pragmatism, and judgment, Pragmatism and Pragmaticism, Proposition, Quality (see also Feeling Firstness Possibility Predicate), Realism, Relation, Rhema (see also Proposition), Symbol, Time


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