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The Bed-Rock Beneath Pragmaticism 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS.


This was to have been the fourth and ante-penultimate article of the Monist series. The following pages were published as indicated: 4.561n (pp. 31-399) 4 553n2 (pp. 37-38 of a rejected section). Omitted from publication are comments on the circumstances which led to writing the various articles of the Monist series. In this connection CSP notes, with some horror, the view attributed by the New York Times to William James that practical preference was the basis of pragmatism and considers what James probably meant to say, noting James's definition of "pragmatism" in Baldwin's Dictionary of Psychology and Philosophy. The truth of pragmatism and its scientific proof. CSP reveals that he "had passed through a doubt of pragmatism lasting very nearly twenty years." Discussion of the nature of doubt: the confounding of doubt with disbelief. System of existential graphs comparison of existential graphs with chemical ones existential and entitative graphs. Studies of modality: CSP's early views and subsequent modifications. Among the fragments one finds CSP's disagreement with Cantor on the matter of pseudo-continuity which for CSP raises a question of the ethics of terminology.

general index

Cantor Georg, Chemistry, curves and graphs of, pseudo Continuity, Baldwin's Dictionary, Doubt, Entitative graphs, Graphs existential, James William, Modality, Monist Artides (of ), Pragmatism and Pragmaticism, Terminology, ethics of Terminology


pp. 1-65 33-40 38-41 37-38 40-43.7 plus 64 pp. of fragments running brokenly from p. 1 to p. 60





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