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The First Part of an Apology for Pragmaticism 

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Frederik Wellmann

date (Robin)

c. 1907/1908 or 18 months after "Prolegomena"

type of material

A. MS.


This manuscript was intended as the fourth article of the Monist series of 1905-06, with two more articles following: The fourth article was to begin the apology, the fifth to have contained the main argument, and the sixth to have provided the subsidiary arguments and illustrations. More specifically, a rhetorical defence of the principle of pragmatism in the Popular Science Monthly issues of November 1877 and January 1878 system of existential graphs the nominalism of Ockham and J. S. Mill objective and subjective generality Scholastic realism the three ways in which an idea can be mentally isolated from another (dissociation, precision, and discrimination). Among the variant pages are some interesting biographical data, especially CSP's reflections on his father's "remarkable aesthetical discrimination" and his boyhood impressions of visitors, Emerson included, to the family home in Mason Street, Cambridge.

general index

Discrimination, Dissociation, Emerson Ralph Waldo, Generality, objective, Generality, subjective, Graphs existential, Mill John Stuart, Nominalism, Ockham William of, Monist Artides (of ), Pragmatism and Pragmaticism, Precision, Scholastic Realism, Scholastic realism


pp. 1-14 14-32, with p. 25 missing (but with no break in the text) pp. 7-16 of another draft plus 24 pp. of variants





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date (Robin)

c. 1907/1908 or 18 months after "Prolegomena"

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