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Frederik Wellmann

date (Robin)

c. 1906

type of material

A. MS.


Anthropomorphism. The "operation of the mind" as an ens rationis. Genuine reasoning distinguished from reasoning which is not genuine. All necessary reasoning is diagrammatic: Diagram is an icon of a set of rationally related objects, a schema which entrains its consequences. The three modes of non-necessary reasoning: probable deduction, induction, and abduction. System of existential graphs: application of existential graphs to the phaneron classification of the elements of the phaneron valency the precedence of form over matter in all natural classifications, with the distinction between form and matter applied to existential graphs. Kant's Gesetz der Affinito/oot. What is meant by saying that identity is a continuous relation. Diagram variously characterized as token, as general sign, as definite form of relation, as a sign of an order in plurality, i.e., of an ordered plurality or multitude (pp. 10-18).

general index

Abduction, Anthropomorphism, Deduction, Diagram (see also Graphs), Ens rationis, Form and matter, Graphs existential, Identity, Induction, Kant Immanuel and Kant studies (CSP's), Matter and form, Monist Artides (of ), Phaneron (see also Phaneroscopy Phenomenology), Pragmatism and Pragmaticism, Probability and Chance, Reasoning (probable see also Probability), necessary Reasoning, Sign(s), Token (see also Type), Valency chemical and logical


pp. 1-56 (only the transition from 45-46 seems unnatural) and a sequence 10-18 marked "Keep for reference" by CSP, with 48 pp. of variants





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date (Robin)

c. 1906

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