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Prolegomena to an Apology for Pragmaticism 

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Frederik Wellmann

date (Robin)

c. 1906

type of material

A. MS.


Less misleading, perhaps, to say that there are two drafts of pp. 29-54 and that it is not certain which should be counted as completing pp. 1-28. Pages 45-53 of one of these drafts were published as 1.288-292. See G-1905-1c. Not published is the first part of the manuscript which follows the third of the Monist articles very closely. Theory of signs. Relation among thought, thinking, and Signs. Application of the type-token distinction. Diagram of thought, with some conventions for diagramming. The meaning of a conditional proposition and the revision of the tychistic hypothesis. The "second" draft is similar to the first in respect to the conventions for the diagramming of thought. Restatement of chief purpose for constructing algebras of logic and existential graphs. Sketch of a classification of signs.

general index

Diagram (see also Graphs), Graphs existential, Logic (modal see Modality), Monist Artides (of ), Pragmatism and Pragmaticism, Proposition, Sign(s), classification of Sign(s), theory of Sign(s) (see also Icon Index Symbol), Thinking, Thought, Token (see also Type), Tychism (see also Chance Indeterminacy), Type (see also Token)


pp. 1-54 and pp. 29-54 of a partial draft, with 28 pp. of variants and 2 pp. ("Index to Prolegomena")





abbreviated title


date (Robin)

c. 1906

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