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. Materials for Monist Article: The Consequences of Pragmaticism. Vols. I and II 

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Frederik Wellmann

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A. MS. notebook


The material collected in both volumes is for the second article of the 1905-06 Monist series. Volume I: Critical Common-sensism. Pragmatism is regarded as a more critical version of a philosophy of common sense. The indubitability of propositions with indubitability associated with vagueness. The nature of doubt: the relationship of doubt to feeling, habit, and belief. The relationship of Critical Common-sensism and the normative sciences, and the relationships among the normative sciences. Volume II: Generality and vagueness. Concept of God is vague Being of God is indefinite. Criticism of Kant: "Kant is nothing but a somewhat confused pragmatist." Ethical and logical control compared. Pragmatism connected with real possibility, with pragmatism rendered intelligible by the assertion of real possibility. Pragmatism's relationship to the normative sciences. Existence and reality: Generals are real but nonexistent.

general index

Belief and doubt, Common sense (see also Critical commonsensism), ethical Conduct, logical Conduct, Doubt, Doubt and feeling, Doubt and habit, existence and reality (see also Actuality Fact Secondness), Feeling and doubt, Generality, Generals (see also Law Predicate Thirdness Universals), God, Habit (see also Belief Thirdness), Indubitability (see also Common sense Critical commonsensism), Kant Immanuel and Kant studies (CSP's), Normative science (see also Esthetics Ethics Logic), Monist Artides (of ), real Possibility, Pragmatism and Pragmaticism, Reality and existence, Vagueness (see also Fallibilism)


two notebooks ("Vol. I" and "Vol. II")





date (Robin)


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