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The Basis of Pragmaticism 

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Frederik Wellmann

date (Robin)

c. 1905

type of material

A. MS. notebook


The following parts of this manuscript were published: p. 31 (section 8), pp 37-45 as 1.573-574 pp. 45-59 as 5.549-554 pp. 135-148 as 5.448n (footnote to Monist article "Issues of Pragmaticism"). Unpublished is the argument for the truth of pragmatism based upon the argument of the Harvard Lectures of 1903 which, CSP notes, were not published in his lifetime because of the failure of a "friend" to recommend them for printing. The meaning of "science." Heuretic, practical, and retrospective science distinguished. The meaning of "philosophy." Cenoscopic and synthetic philosophy. Methods of cenoscopic research. The idea of growth, as found in Aristotle and as applied to knowledge generally. The divisions of cenoscopy, with metaphysics as the third and last division and normative science as the mid-division. The deplorable condition of metaphysics: the necessity of logic and the normative sciences generally as propaedeutic to it. The hard dualism of normative science, its distinctness from practical science, and its relationship to psychology. Action, effort, and surprise: effort and surprise only experiences from which we can derive concept of action. Doctrine of Signs. Modes of indeterminacy indefiniteness and generality the quantity and quality of indeterminacy. The relationship of law and existence.

general index

Action, Aristotle, Cenoscopy, Effort, existence and law, Generality, Growth (see also Evolution), Indefiniteness, Indeterminacy (see also Chance Possibility Tychism), Law(s) and existence, Logic (modal see Modality), Metaphysics, Normative science (see also Esthetics Ethics Logic), "The Basis of Pragmaticism", Philosophy, American meaning, Pragmatism and Pragmaticism, Psychology, Science, definition of Science, heuritic Science, practical Science, Sign(s), Surprise


pp. 1-162, with pp. 3-6 missing and with pp. 112-119 discarded (p. 120 continues p. 111), plus 210 pp. of alternative sections and single page fragments.





abbreviated title


date (Robin)

c. 1905

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