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African Writer's... Lecture&Discussion 

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Flora Veit-Wild


Writers Dambudzo Marechera mentions in the discussion: Bessie Head, La Guma, Tchicaya U Tamsi, Ouologuem, Soyinka, Grass, Nietzsche, Schiller, Negritude


30 August 2016


Dambudzo Marechera

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Dambudzo Marechera Trust


Lecture "The African Writer's Experience with European Literature" - Jameson Hotel Harare 15.10.1986, organized by the Zimbabwe German Society; introduction by Lewis Nkosi. Text reproduced in Zambezia, XIV (ii) 1987, pp. 99-111, repr. in SB, pp. 361-75, together with Marechera's second lecture in the series "Dostoevsky, Soyinka: The Writer on Trial for his Time."
The recording also contains the discussion after the lecture, chaired by Nkosi and with questions by him and members of the audience. This discussion is highly interesting in terms of DM's views and has nowhere been documented.

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