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F. Veit-Wild on her relationship with Marechera 

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Flora Veit-Wild


30 August 2016


Flora Veit-Wild and Fiona Lloyd

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Copyright: Flora Veit-Wild


In the mid-1990 Flora Veit-Wild asked her friend, the journalist, writer and editor Fiona Lloyd, to record the story of her relationship with Dambudzo Marechera. She wanted to have the details recorded, while they were still fresh in her memory, though at that point in her life she did not want to disclose them yet publicly, particularly the issues relating to her sexual relationship and her own HIV infection. She disclosed them only much later in her essay "Me and Dambudzo", Wasafiri, 2012, 27:1, 1-7. See Ressource ID 594. The interview took place at the Island of Mauritius, where the two women spent a week of holidays together. The recording of more than an hour contains more and other details than the Wasafiri essay.

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